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Stuart Lancaster: Importance of Playing Games

Stuart Lancaster explains why he thinks including game-play in rugby sessions is essential to player development.

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I'm just finishing the training session and all we did was play games. Because actually that's how you catch the guys. That's the game. You know, the game is the game isn't played by numbers the games game of movement chaos and decision-making and and the only way you can improve those movement skills and decision making skills is by allowing the political and and actually you ask anyone what they want to do. They want to play games you want to play games and that was it you don't make it. So competitive that there's a winner or a loser all the time, but you want to make it fun so they can enjoy the game, but actually that's the best the the key thing for me in coaching is that the game itself is enjoyable, but it's the learning that takes place within the game. So you've got to be able to stop the game and Coach within it because if all you do is play the game. Yes is in your mobile phone book. We need to learn at the same time.