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New Rules of Play - Under 9s

The new rules have completely changed the focus for under 9's. Tackling technique, progressions and games to promote tackling are the main themes for this age. No rucks, scrums or line outs to worry about

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Wow, the biggest the biggest change it obviously is the other one level been waiting for which is tackling. So we burned all our tags at the end of last season and we finally unleash them on the on each other good pass. Good. No, go the way of the world. when two free taco No complaints on I've up good to me. Try to control changes. We had last year benefit us tremendously. The smallest smaller side of game has better just the fact that they get used to the tackle on it because otherwise we were going to lose players. There's a lot of players before the season started. They were a bit worried about coming in to tackle. Once we showed them what it was going to be all about and decide playing the games then that you know, they are getting the confidence and and they won't they'll develop at different times. You know, some of them are ready for any more physical others aren't but they can still add a lot to the game and then we're still keeping those players and still keeping them engaged which is brilliant with the and the nines. Okay. It's gone down to seven of side on a 60 by 30 pitch lot of space and a lower number of players therefore more tries. I just think if you look at rugby Rugby's it's changing all the time and you just got to change with with the sport because I think all the new rules will improve it. But good chi chi chi chi want to free could offload. Well done one good guy grunts forward by playing playing playing dead 1/4 tried a great tackle though. Well done. So as you can see we have seven kids on each side. Nice big pitch nice and wide turnover leads straight into a try the breakdown. Once you get tackled this either place the ball and we play no contestant at the Rack or the offload stop there. Okay when it's a tackle, you can't contest at the rack. Okay, you just let them pass it away you understand. Good well done, then the defensive line great tackle ready play. Stay in stay in stay in great offload. Well done. One two, three good one, two, three good. Good. Okay, chuckle Gabaldon great. Troy will also know scrums no lineouts. No Mall in or anything like that again. So speeding up that game going around the clubs. It varies from different clubs, but you've just given them like ideas and and fresh content and different ways to approach their training session does help a lot. I believe in the feedback we've been getting is great. Yeah, I think it encourages, you know guys to show intent of tackling and that intent being acknowledged by referring, you know, as we've touched on with the younger guys. It's going to contribute to a quick again getting kids to ground and quicker quicker ball from that that phase of play it's a good thing I think and you know, as I said and knowledge in intend to tackles important so encouraging kids to get into correct body positions. And so on as I said contributing to a faster flying game, which is obviously what we want to say. So they have three seconds to hold on to a player if they do that. It becomes a tackle. Let's go Goodspeed well done. Ananda nines if there is a mistake or knock on Etc. It just goes to the turn over to the other team and it's a free pass to get it started game again because the ball okay, the balls gone out from bibs. Okay. So we're gonna have a start free pass to start the game off with shirts. Okay. So start the game off their free pass. Okay. Let's play run for it. Good taco. Good offload. Good chuckle Lamppost stay to learn process to tackle your fine mate. You're fine. That's great work going up and we get good work. Well done. So we're going to start a game of free pass here. Okay, we passed here go back. Get down wait. Yeah, you can see there's seven more confident than others. So we've tried to sort of build the confidence by playing a bit of touch to get them in a position. We've broken down the tackling to the into doing the individual elements so that you know, they don't panic. So yeah, I can still see it, you know three weeks in it's taking a bit of time to get used to it. But their vote they've all had a go. So we've watched every single player do a tackle and they're all starting to get involved. So I'm a bit more advanced but I think that gives the other ones confidence watching them. So with the new rules of the game three seconds in a tackle, then they get to offload the ball. Okay makes for such a quicker game more exciting game more try. Good. Good running post Turtle good. Good. Keep going. Keep going. Some it seems to have a bit more space out there to move and run. So previously when it was a bigger team was pretty obvious that they were quite crowded on the pitch. So that's the essence a good idea.