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Passing - 3 v 2 Static Defenders

Progress to working in 3s against two static defenders. The pressure is on the middle player to hold their depth and perform a quick pass.

Video Subtitles

Groups of three and guess what? We've now got two Defenders. So first first runner through here second through their third to their right hand and then go targets targets all through the middle, please through that middle. Let's go keep going. Nice line. Keep your dips. Go to keep your depth. That was to flatter pass ball to the end man ball to the end man. That was better that group. Good hands, let's go. Let's go. Nice. Okay. What do you think worked? Well there and what didn't work what were the things that were different? Little bit too flat. Okay. So what do we need to be deeper? Quick hands. So if you catch the ball out here, you'll be able to move the ball quicker. Okay, you had your hand up that was about that as well. Anything else? Yes. Deeper passes, okay.