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Passing - Basic principles

Working in waves of three, break down the components to catch and pass technique.

Video Subtitles

So we're going to look at okay is when receiving the pass. Okay, I hands are up early relaxed elbows. Okay. We tailor catch early. Okay, we take the catch over the pools in our hands we can play around with it drop it to a hip finish the pass be really deliberate with it. Okay, we get ahead through as well happy. So we'll walk through a couple and then we'll get into a full speed to take it out pull the past back. Nice good. So we finish our hands ahead goes finish the past let's catch it earlier Tommy. It's really early really is perfect. Now you control head goes excellent and we chased through towards the ball. So we're all in motion. So some of us have got a tendency. So as we go out take it out we're catching which is brilliant. Our heads go in there. We'll roast we're passing and stopping I want to keep moves with moving we finish our pass. So we deliver us we know exactly where that balls going and we just start to follow it because that just makes us in support as well. Okay, so let's just go full speed now. Good catch early finish a boss. That's excellent catch early finish the pass. Catch early finish the past well done got surely head through finish the past one more each catch early head through finish the pass good catches as you can head through finish boss great example.