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Paul Gustard - Games V Drills For Best Results

How do you decide on the amount of games v drills you do in your sessions. Paul Gustard provides an insight into his view and why

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Every day we start with the game often the first of the game in the middle summers ago me now and there's as I said, there's that some parts there with I would like to drill just to make sure you get reputation is also the easiest way to fall correct, which obviously a must-have for coaching tool alone into on process for the place. If you do too many games as much as we try and coach on the art on the hoof, so to speak it's difficult trying to isolate play without ruining the momentum of the session so might come back to micro. They go back to the macro the go every Basics important, you know, you know house is built on strong foundations. If you don't straighten the top you might not necessarily have the ability to catch and pass may not necessarily have the ability to put your head in the right side of the head to make a tackle. So there's always certain things that you have to do in all of that and then the way that you learn the best as through fun through games through competition really, it's quite an Anglo-Saxon kind of thing to do to try and get the goods of drills into little short groups and do stuff. It does have a big place because food really get repetition you give up tissue get behaviors behaves got habits then the Saturday Get the same thing. If you don't have that Foundation, you will not be able to revert back to type you might revert to pull technique where you left hand drops off in the past might end up putting your head in front of a kneecap or time when you come to make a tackle may go off your feet continue to break down. So you do have to do a bit of both those up to you to try and find out your balance by the time you have in the week about what you spend the time on and then obviously how much time you spend on a drill or how much time you spend on the game.