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Round the World Handling Game

A static handling game that can be played with small groups of players to improve basic catching and passing skills.

Video Subtitles

Logan Shawn dude pass the ball in the past left and you go one two, three, four, five five passes to the left. Ready. Ready steady go. Oh, no balls dropped start. Again. This is a challenge to see what you doing. Freddy go to keep passing. Got to keep passing. Okay Closer Closer Closer Closer ready and go one two or Connors going to get to five. I'm we going to get to five ready and go one two. Don't forget you got to catch a pass at the same time get close or too far away. You too far away right? Ready? Go 1 2 3. Oh, we've got two three right ready could have good passes. Haven't we ready and go one? Well, though we did five Well Done Right.