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Sevens - Standard restart with attack winning ball 3

A well organised re start with one main attacker challenging for the ball with support both in front and behind him, if the ball is knocked either side of the main catcher the ball will be gathered by his teammates. Great leg drive to continue the attack and a very long pass to complete the scoring. Key factors : Accurate kick - Focus on the ball - Sideways jump - Catch ball above head - Structured support

Video Subtitles

Walker on the Cook Islands, but that forget that in their visits to the Wellington sevens, they have beaten just about every nation in the sevens except the New Zealand and Fiji is in Damo and Damu so pressure here for the cooks to that's a good strong run by the big Fiji and born number one and they've got plenty out wide over-the-top it goes and goings will run around and he will score it other try and puts it down between the stick. So England they haven't been