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Sevens - Full Lineout 3

Accurate skills are the key to lineouts in seven's, a combination of movement, lifting and throw combine to make an effective restart for the attacking team. The shape of the attacking side is pre planned to create a mis - match with a faster player v a slower one. key factors : Pre call the move - Fast feet - Strong core for jumper - Support from both players to lift the jumper - Jumper to jump - Accurate throw - Support he jumper to the ground - Offload pass to scrum half

Video Subtitles

Ben Latif wait Okay. Good efficient line out win for Wales. Javan Groves was the taker. beautiful hand off And Wells keeping the ball alive. Well, not your head from Aaron Schindler and the bounce of the ball is perfect for him. He's gonna go in for his fourth try and a lovely little knee slides to boot.