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Sevens - Uncovered - The Aerial Battle

Re - starts are as numerous as scrums in seven's and coaches should put as much emphasis on the kick off as any other facet of the game. Possession is crucial in seven's and an effective re - start strategy can win not only matches but tournaments for teams. You must posses players who can kick and contest the ball in the air becasue if not you will be competing without the ball for long periods of the match. Listen to the top coaches on how important they think the kick offs are

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Six tries in a game of sevens rugby what happens after each score. It's crucial over the past couple of Seasons the aerial battle at the restart has become one key element in the flow of the game. 7:01 haven't been keeping the ball. If you haven't got the board of Transport Rising spend the entire time defending its comes a pretty tough game for 40 minutes for us. You know, it's almost like a set piece now we kick off so it's key to have some of its good in the air and Tall so we can put height on the ball and get above your position. And when the ball back we've got great are athletes and our Spotlight on Power and gender role and damn it. And really my job is enabling us to get off the ground. So all I've got to really do is just hold and support them when it comes to restart some line out. So it's great having four or five guys at over six four to six foot three who can get in the air and compete. Getting a kick of that. You keep the buoy. You can play seven minutes in the other team. Don't touch the ball with if you can win your kickoffs in controlling the game really a lot of work done on the the technique of getting up into the air who comes and try and get in the knee high to hand side and really come to town catching and take it above our heads which just gives you the maximum life line asking a lot more competitive. There's no easy bulls and a lot of Works put in behind the scenes skin in the coolers right getting the timing right and things like that because it can be a real weapon. But also you're not quite sure what you're doing and you can see the try just like that. So set pieces are massive. Now the importance of the restart first came under the coaching microscope two years ago when the Giants of Samoa dominated on route to series Glory Samoans you mean, I think they pretty much based there that whole series win them getting a kick us back a few years ago and it is a massive file again these days and if you can control the ball and you control the game, really I guess we're blessed to have big big bulls that kick and play, you know, they bring a lot of variety to our game. They provide us with a lot of go forward both and guy really brings a lot of aerial skills into what we need to retain position and kickoffs. They have been impressive over the past few years. They kick off some of the most important aspects of the game if you can take back and receive as many kickoffs as possible. You can actually control the game we found that positioning is very key. Sometimes you can be beaten by a height. You can be beaten by the Fly To The Ball, but you know if we can try find spacing and win the ball in the air, that's the most important thing for us. Over the years I think you know the kicker was definitely one of the most neglected areas of the game. There's no brother, you know opportunity to actually win the ball back in just to give yourself that attacking opportunity again, I think the teams are definitely looking for more great of ways now they can actually retain their own Ball, but the teams are becoming smart and I think it makes it such an important component of the game. So who is Top Gun in the back of the are we seen some of our they've set the standard in terms of the the kickoffs in a retaining the ball England a master's in getting the ball back because they have such told players and then also as a test, you know, the USA is probably one of the best players in the business. Well, I catch a football back in the old days for me, you know, just the techniques I learned in college Born High School ball. Just just give me a little advantage over the guys ever play football for because they're very very important. That's the key element of this game. If you can keep the processional born star of the other team, you know, they'll never have a chance to score so too. Also the huge catching the ball it's exhilarating because you know that you've given your team advantage to go and score tribe and win the game.