Rugby Coaching Drills Video Library

Tackle on Knees

An easy progression into tackling, with some movement. Use to build players' confidence before moving into full tackling.

Video Subtitles

First voice bit tighter just go a little bit tighter. So I'd like you to on Annie. I mean he's come through here, but you're going to tackle good. I hope you get Bertie and the other side. Three guys, three go great tackle up you get and through you go next one's for you. Go. Great tackle. Okay. Watch Bertie doing really well here. Yes. Okay, he's putting cheek the right cheek on the right cheek, which means technically his head is in the perfect position. What would happen if Bertie was putting his head across in front of the the attackers body what might happen? Yes. His head might get pushed down. He could get a knee knee might hit his head and that's what often happens. So when you're learning to tackle, you might get an e in the head or you can cut your head and then you don't like tackling. So it's really important that you get these things put right? Okay. All right, so same thing back we go. Make sure we get people on their knees just two or three each. No hands down no hands down. Come on tackle. Keep holding that ball. Please. Come on tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle. Great. Keep hold of that ball. Good work. Keep holding that ball nice. And again. Okay. Stop Alex up around everyone has a chance.