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Tackle Technique 1/5 - Foot Position

The first step in this session on improving tackle technique, is focused on foot position and getting a strong base close to the target.

Video Subtitles

The yellow attacker wears a tackle suit and holds attack a shield the blue Defender drives into the tackle shield from two meters away between the cones and all we're going to do for this stage is just practice getting our feet in close Okay. What I want is the arms behind the back. Okay, and all we're looking at is this the attacker so to speak just coming up and just giving me a slight split with the legs. So what we're trying to do imagine, we've got a nice big hoop there and we're going to just try and step into that little split that is given to us. Okay the closer you get your head to the side. Okay, the more likely you can get your shoulder in as well just for the first exercise or we're looking for is step in in shoulder be on the back here and I just want chest on pad. Yay forward. Good. Okay. Just sitting with a chest at the moment. Good the attacking player stands with leg split the defender should step into the split getting his feet in close to the attacker to provide a strong base. The contact should be with the same shoulder as they're leading leg. With their head up and eyes open at all times tacklers must Place their head close to the side of the target attackers should offer the split on different sides to vary The Tackle.