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Tackle Technique 2/5 - Body Height

This step concentrates on achieving a lower body position before making a tackle.

Video Subtitles

A couple of points, how can we improve that? Excellent body. How are we going to get the body height lower? Hips lower and bend the knees great. We're staying big until what until you're into the hoop good. If I'm in this position coming in. I don't want to get myself smaller be stepped away. I want to get it nice and quick and then start sinking in okay. Good sink face look at the foot into the hope good. Defenders should initially stay big then sink at the hips and knees once they step into the split. It's important to step into the tackle avoid jumping and planting both feet on the ground a key. Safety point is to keep your spine in line ensuring your back is straight and your head is up with the chin off the chest as you make contact.