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Tackle Technique - Head Position

With the attacker holding a tackle shield, and running either left or right of the defender, the key point of this drill is ensure the tackler's head is on the right side.

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The next progression for this exercise is to use a contact pad will then move to live it. This is about head position. And then the attacker is going to make a decision to either go to these white cones. All those white codes, you might decide to have different-colored cones and the coach can then call which way okay, so I'm going to whisper at the moment which side were going to go and Bertie. It's just going to make sure he gets his head position right and shoulder in Bertie. That's I'd like you to get close in with small steps Little Steps, okay, nice and tight and use your shoulder first and wrap. That's all we're looking for, right? Why wait - I go go Bertie head was the wrong side I could come. When I say go go good. Okay, make sure you come forward Bertie. I'll become we're going to we're going to run bit quicker to go good. Keep that must if you're carrying a bag. You must keep the bag in here. If you push the bag out push the bag out. Then the defender can't tackle the bag. You must keep the bag tight in. Okay, must keep the bag type go. Nice. Good body position back up. Nice last one. Sorry last one. No good bit lower. But you write same thing same thing, but you face that way. Okay when I say go you go go Bertie. Come on get that shoulder in there. But again the shoulder and back you go ready go. Nice last one ready and go good right? Here we go, boys go. Good. Just okay ready go?