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Whole-part-whole approach

The academy coaches at Leeds carnegie support using conditioned games to teach players new techniques and the best way for players to learn by experience

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Yeah, it's essential I think to get get a bit of technical detail, but also the gameplay element into it makes it more enjoyable for the players, but also gets them to recognize gameplay situations. Then the ball Bonnie get a ball. Yeah, it's a mall turnover turnover terrible. So recognize that but honey, if you've got get in there no, no we're playing the game is played. So I started with so essentially grab ya gun. You got to go by sea, but I see you've got to go right he got the floor. He got some floor. They're totally you got he got to floor. We do tractor best an awful lot of it on our mortgage tax related play in saw the boys can actually practice and get a feel of what it's like instead of just drill drill drill. We might we might start with again break it down into a profit single back into again or sometimes it might. Well, it's new. We need to start with a practice first then go into and then we can just progress through and add bits on a 10 bits out as we see fit really.