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Breakdown - Win the collision

A series of progressions that develop the skills required for players to manage and possibly dominate contact

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Actually, we'll start off. We'll do it one on one. All right, so we'll stand on either side of the line. All right, and it's just yet and you about a meter apart. Okay. I shall go you got to win the Collision. All right, so you go in the Collision you guys somehow get past and you've got to stop it. Yeah. Yeah. What well you can do what you want from that point. You're at it go. Alright, excellent. Stop that well done. So you got himself in a great body position there. Okay to stop them getting over the line all you how you're going to do better next time. Okay. So about managing the contact when Real Close Quarters, I want you to manage this contract. So if we get a few people stretched stretched out along the line get yourself a partner will have a few girls each make sure to only a bit less than a meter. I don't want any run up. Go good, go. So what we're looking at here is just management of contact in a closed area. All right. So we're looking for you to be able to manage the ball whether you're defending or attacking you've got to be able to make sure we've gone forward and present in the ball. So what I was looking for now, all right, the guys carrying the ball, I would like to see all of you get over the game line get to flawed present the ball. I want the tacklers to try and stop you. All right. So we've got the ball here. My first movement would probably be slightly to the side because I'll go on a run straight into it. All right. I want to be running against the weak shoulder. Ok. I'll be nice to know I'd probably using offend and I'd be looking to get into this space here and begin to the floor. Alright, so I'm in control of the contact the whole time we get to the floor line on the ball, and then we're pivoting around Long place. Let's go. Chicky look after that ball. All right. So if you trim one hand and it's greasy and slippy. All right, you keep it in there and then when you get the chance you push it out alright to high as well. You got caught a bit higher there. Go. Good, excellent. Well done, even if we just made a half yard will going forward accent right in with come right? So we're going to do exactly the same to defend us of I've got the ball. Holy jumping that Josh in there. I've got to make a decision of how I get to go forward against YouTube. Good well done again. I reckon we should still be able to get over the gate line against two people. Yeah white light is again, ain't you got to go over that white line? Go excellent. Well done good diali good chicky. Well over-the-top accent what sort of what sort of body hates. You'll be working out doing these sort of drugs. Yeah, if I'm if I'm gonna nollie here and I'm showing any sign of the ball. All right, he's going to be able to hold me up. Now. You see quite regularly now started by the Irish, probably a lot of people getting held up if it's called mall and get held up you get the ball to another so in situations like these we've got to be able to work really low going to really drop our body height and sometimes it's just going for the floor. All right, but you go go for the floor when you've got people around you so you get cleared out and you're not getting the ball taken off you on the floor. All right, so we'll go in threes on Tunes now, so Dan's now okay, he's going to attack one of these spaces here you guys have now got to make a decision. So we're flipping it back over in there in the defense's favor. So you guys have got to decide who's going. Hi who's going low, so I want Dan to start off with the ball in two hands. Alright as you attack your tag to the rate of chicky or pull it in a 1 and you get it there. Okay, you come on the ball you go low, so it's a bit communication between you two. When you ready? When you're ready, good luck. Well done. Good. We got the idea and you guys go and do that over there, please. Good Tire, Walter Raleigh could yards accident? Fight hard and Rowley shoulder over that keg at Josh's hands off. great feet great tackle alternately good. Good. Where did you land there Josh on your back? You got a really work hard to get on your front.