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Worcester - Live breakdown

Here players progress from making decisions at the breakdown using pads and bags to live defenders. The supporting players have to make a decision based upon the ball carrier

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defender in behind for build this up move the back. By Smith, okay, we're looking to do and just going to put this but we're just done over here into more of a game context what we got here is either attacker or a Defender and a Defender him behind the title. McHale will give the polka one of the players that play becomes an attacker he turns. He tries to score of the far end of the channel. This guy becomes a Defender and he becomes a Defender. Okay, we'll walk through it and show what's going to happen now through slowly like he turns. Present the ball this way. And the two Defenders try and get their hands on or come pass the ball. I put this what bit more Pace now. Please try and beat him. nice and tight muscle toxic makes the tackle Hands-On good. Let's go back up again. Not much based on user feet who's on to nice and tight and sometimes Go go keep working. Keep working. Keep working. Keep working play the drill, but the scale good. I see ideas. He'd beat you good work Jack my some tightness and tight ready. Okay, good. Good. What what the what Jack?