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Expert - Conor O Shea - why would I encourage someone to be a coach

Conor O Shea - Harlequins DoR talks about the benefits and satisfaction of starting to coach

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I wouldn't have why would I encourage someone to become the coach? It's the nearest thing you can get to playing. I think again, it's a level issue for me often times. I'd say well actually, who would you prefer to be coaching you prefer to be coaching down at a very young level because there are players that you can actually mold and that's the younger the coach of the younger the age group that are oppressing cultures. I think the more coaching ability you need. I think the higher up you go the more it becomes a management issue as opposed to coaching because you are taught your fundamentals at a very early age and if you get proper technique taught to you at the right age that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life and the rest of your career as you get up through the becomes more a management issue of yes this culture don't get me wrong, but that the fundamentals have already been told from a from a perspective of why do you get All of them he get involved because there's not many jobs in there for me, but there's not many jobs. You can go along too and have that feeling of both exhilaration and of complete and utter the loans the lows and the highs which you get judged on a Saturday and in other walks of life that just doesn't happen. You can have a bad day at the office you have another day to recover. You never have that in sport and I'd encourage people to get involved in coaching to make people better to influence younger people and older people to become better both of their skills and at their lives, but ultimately to actually allow yourself to be involved in something that you love.