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Premiership Coaches on Continuous Learning

No coach knows it all. Even the top professionals go out and look for inspiration and advice from their peers, and from other sports.

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Everyone is very aware that you get limited time with your players on feet on a training field. And so you have to make the most of every minute you get with them. And the only way to do that is that I get as much learning done off the picture you can and work doesn't start at nine o'clock and finish it at 3 o'clock. You know, it's those it was five minutes when when you're sitting down, you know, seven eight o'clock instead of watching konishi seat or you could do it when you're watching continously, you know, I'm I'm always scribbling. I'm just drawing and just messing around and just trying to trying to create new ideas and that's when a lot of the work is done. It's a continual work on I think our boys that went to England and went with England to New Zealand came back with a lot of ideas. So it's not just the coaches. The players will have a lot of Chris Rock show has a fair idea by the breakdown and how you know, so we're all the time trying to look at that and see how we can evolve that whole area, but we learn from it every season which goes by and and I think one of the key things you know what we've learned in the past. Is it you must keep revisiting and coaching everything and I think sometimes very easy to presume that for example, you know that you clear out is fine and you don't do any work on that but you soon seeing with every single player as an international or an under 18, but sometimes it can lose that little bit of detail. You can just learn from anything. I will you know, I can watch something like I don't know my daughter, please now before I can go and watch that ball. I just feel some of this and I coordination above the head into and thinking that could be quite relevant to a second row of a kickoff or a Winger, you know, just going into space putting the ball into space instead of putting the ball to the man. You just gotta learn all the time. Yeah. Well anyone says to know long as he's lying and you know, we spent a lot of this summer going around to different places trying to beg borrow and steal sometimes reinforce what you were doing. I've been the right way, but I think the players demand that of you to say, we're still fresh that we have gone out. We have look we have Like to identify things differently. So whether it be scrubbing Mall junk is going on in South Africa are Tony going down to Australia and have a look at the breakdown area and have that coach doesn't mean we want to change but it can give you ideas freshen things up. But also then looking at the reinforced it also actually we do a lot of good things.