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Improve your passing

Harlequins pride themselves on their attacking play and the foundation to this philosophy is the quality of their passing. Attack coach Colin Osbourne runs skills session on passing accuracy.

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Good good, just working on our basic passing skills with a little bit of decision-making thrown in as well. But really concentrate on good technique staying Square putting the ball out in front. Okay, let's build into it but a little bit quicker than that now come on guys. So you're running on to it. I'm looking for the outside hand attacking the ball that gives you square. We're going to reach and organize your feet. So you catch their ideally so that the next step is gone the make sense. So I'm running step past turning towards the ball one Movement. We got the extra man. We got to get the ball away and come onto it. Wait. Oh wait in front. Good. Okay, so make sure that Paul is right out in front of him. So he doesn't have to adjust his strike you come on come on, that's it over his shoulder to both of you checking him over this kind of range. You probably don't even need to spin if you have to spend it fine. But what happens is you catch it you turn it around so you can get a good spin on it, which all eat some ground. Really we should we get from same push. Yeah. I want to talk about the speed of the past. How quickly can we get that ball to the extra man? Oh wait, All right. Good. When you look at the video, you'll see you're waiting to catch it here which means the next thing you have to do is Step take it back another step to pass it off really attack that so if you're passing to me, it's sort of catching it here. I want to catch it there because now I can just push it through. Okay reach away in front a way. There's one for you good. Oh, wait. Well fix up hops. Oh wait. Oh wait good. Let's make sure we say nice and square attacking the ball. Don't let them drift. square up Good good, the key things here are what do you tell me where the key things what we just trying to get the take it early think about the cat, you know, we spend a lot on top of how to pass but we don't focus on the catch if you're juggling it the opportunity is gone. So it really is just watching it in taking an early. The next thing goes is ahead or of course if we got really good peripheral vision, there's not a blind pass so I might have to look at you to give it then from there. I can see and I'll hit you. So make sure you see the Target and then push the hand through the ball into the in front of the man to another part of the checking the players which stops all the momentum he then is trying to force it on an opportunity to get lost as really work hard on being accurate in the delivery the back this is so important they come round if they're linking the place they can just square up and move it. It just holds at Center for a fraction of a second space and time on the outside. Correct. Absolutely. I mean you think about it what we did in preseason with the heavy balls and so on so that the ball must travel when we talk about parallel to the floor rather than the old. Yeah. So we want the ball traveling across the ground nice and easy into his hands wait of pass the short whatever even if it's a short part is still not logged. It's put in it and gives him time and he asked for me boys the catch as important as a pass because I'm you have juggled it times eaten up so hands up fingers pointing up greet the ball reach ugh really basic stuff. You've all been doing since you're under nines but focus on the detail, thank you very much. Well done guys, the way we play the game. We want the ball in hand as much as possible. And if we can't guarantee that our passing is accurate, then it makes it very difficult to get our game going. So right across the board Beck's forwards. We spent a lot of time on the basic core skill. Passing and catching obviously, these are pretty competent. So you can't just stand still and possible with just add a little bit of variety in terms of decision-making when to pass what type of pass what weight of past and so just the starting progression was literally just run fix a man passed fixing it with your hips staying Square reaching for the ball early transfer the ball across without drifting and allow it turning your body towards the receiver which then allows the defender to just follow you and drifted onto the receiver. So we'd really trying to square up and say a square as we can and get people coming onto the ball.