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Collision Fitness - Slaps & Taps

Combat style exercise for agility, tackle technique and general warm up. This should make players work hard on the their feet for 60 second bursts

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Think the way you got to build a program has to be measurable and has to relate to what you do to your outcome. And I think that's our whole philosophy on not just the conditioning but all the training and the rugby drills. We do everything's like to relate to the outcome and related to what we're doing again. And that's an important part. We use one called slaps and Taps, which is always a good fun one to start with the boys, but it's actually getting them to their reaction and a light on their feet. But also if you're teaching talking talking is all about footwork. So when we do slaps and Taps is about your head closer and get your feet because the coaching get your feet to the person get you more body weight across him the stronger your tackle be and that's something we work on a lot. So slap syntax is really easy. So what we do we go one point for shoulder. Okay two points for knee if you get the shin or the foot five points. Okay, and what we do what we did to show the first one to five. So if you get shot or one of these loser does a press up and rolling Jackyl night, which will show as well. Okay, let's go maybe feet. Don't get a shot was one to nil. Remember did wall short. That's two. He's on three. Okay, we always start the sessions at the stop. Sometimes especially with the younger guys because he find a lot of fun when you find it on reaching shooting. It's really comforting Mobility. It's great to the coordination and it's also great for the bottle. If you know it teaches them to want a better contact Target being closed for five figure for the fee might drop good shot, mate. Tell me on the shin. Well done. Well done. Well done passionate the best way to use these drills is not a standalone session but integrate them into warm-ups integrate them into conditioning games where you might have a skills block going a conditional block and go to and from that way we can reinforce some of the things the coaches are doing but we can do it once on one of fatigue and element then they can go back and work on the skill on the fatigue which is going to create more of a real-life game situation. Where are you lost your depressor pressure rolling Jackal. All right. This is another one we use. We actually use it as a as a conditional block as well all like this of a loser he goes into the this combat drill should be a press-up a role and then a quick onto the jacket as quick as you can onto a jackal and then you do the same again. So you give me to quickly coming. Yeah to Screech can so we'd maybe say write five five of them. And that's all the players got of do as quick as possible. jump