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When players have mastered the squat and plank techniques, they can incorporate them into a bodyweight circuit, that can be developed to suit various fitness levels. Challenge yourselves to decrease the rest time between sets and perform each exercise for longer as you progress.

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So during pre-season. It's really important that players are aware of their Fitness and conditioning and there's a variety of levels and standards but Fitness and conditioning applies to absolutely everybody that's playing the game and often we don't have Specialists coaches or advice to actually inform us what those things should should do and what they look like rugby coaching drills. We have a section within the video library, which has got Fitness and conditioning if you click on the fitness and conditioning section, there'll be a number of videos that will show you some basic things that would help you and help you players get into shape for this season. Hi, I'm Jack Quinn. I'm assuming conditioning coach. I'm gonna take you through some body weight condition stuff for rugby first exercise body weight squats hands on your shoulders toes out like I said and start the circuit Next exercise station to is press-ups from the site. Nice transition off you go. Third station is the is the power exercise going to go for body weight Jacker. Sorry squat jumps hands on hips. And the last section we're gonna go for the straight forward plank elbows down back nice and straight and hold that set one complete when she done one set as a beginner take two minutes off as a more advanced definitely take one minute off repeat that again into set to as a beginner. We're going to look at three sets as you get more advanced to this aim for five sets. So start three, we've got to for move up to five before you move up a set. You're just doing three decrease the time you're resting for so that's the first the first hurdle if you like the first progression is to go from 2 minutes to 90 seconds 90 seconds to a minute rest stop repeat that three times once you can do that comfortably then move up to four sets then move up to 5 sets.