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Lineout Lifting Hand Placement

This video takes you through the importance of hand placement in building a solid lineout.

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And what you do is that's your stock position here. So I'm into this position here right in my tap our position here and I'm actually cutting that axon and then I go as I lift my legs they I go from hell so you so we going book The Elves break and we change our wrist so that we try try not to I don't have a closure. So some of you might coach about lifting shorts like this. There's a few reasons why one of them is because people the jumper the other bees so that's the safety aspect. There's another safety aspect. I don't think it's as secure as kind of actually holding onto physical parts of the body. They which are actually solid the case short of Britain's and the final reason is this is going to kind of competitive equality shorts. We get up Rocky's going to sink 3/4 inches. Which means that you are three or four inches shorter than you would be otherwise. When you get to a certain level, but you won't win the ball. So and then on the so that's the really on the front left Okay, so So these are my boys typing does help my opinion, but it's expensive if your community carving you got team don't do that. So but he just takes like Tory's got a Randy's neither his quarters overhanging. So there's a natural handle here where my hand won't sit since then the next he's just performing the exercise again. All right, except for this time relief operation yourselves making sure you hold a strong core like desperate for Lou and chasing through and being really nice and strong.