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Tackling 5 - 'Boxer Hands' and Arms

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We now progress are tackling technique by introducing the use of hands and arms a Defender faces a suited attacker who holds a ball behind his back. Good Alex. Well done. Okay. So soon as you hit with the shoulder and driving with the legs the hands of come into play good. Well done players should concentrate on all of the key points from practice for but this time as their shoulder makes contact. They shoot their arms forward and grip around the attacker aiming to dislodge the ball. Okay, one more and I'll ask a question. Good good. What do you think is the tendency to do now? Yeah we go fishing for the ball straight away. Don't we? Okay, that's not the exercise exercise is to give us the sequence footing close shoulder hit then the arms come into play. The Defenders hands should be up and ready in front of their body like boxers hands. They should not go immediately to the ball primarily. They must concentrate on a strong grip squeezing their arms. The exercise is now progressed to make more use of the hands making the hits just underneath the ball. Okay is the are actually comes through and we're looking to grip grip that's get the hands and fingers working not just being open ended and Slappy and week. We're being really strong grab something and get them really work. Okay, let's go. Good cat cat well done. Good. Nice big Alex. This progression is all about grip Defenders should make contact beneath the ball shooting their arms forward and gripping tightly as they drive through the tackle a further progression of the exercise is to players to give feedback on each other's technique helping them focus on all of the components of the tackle. I want you talking fellas. What can you see Good chasing the feet. Excellent what else good hands while the hands doing? Nice and strong box of hands coming into play here. The attacker should approach from different directions. So the tackler has to alternate his tackling shoulder players should give positive and negative feedback on technique the overall focus of this exercise is to practice the sequence of the tackle. Play should have hands up and in front of their body like boxes hands. They should concentrate on foot position stepping into the tackle their body position with hips square and spine in line shoulder contact and driving through with small steps and using their hands and arms to grip tightly.