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Lineout Throw with Dylan Hartley

Dylan Hartley explains his own approach and routines for throwing into the line out and provides some tips and advice to young players

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Every time we get the ball is number 1, do the same thing. You see a lot of these young lads are really Keen. They get the ball and they're like, yeah, let's have a lineout and just throw it in. So I say them just slow down put your hands in the same place every time every time you get the ball do the same thing secondly is make sure the ball is straight. So there's no point having the ball crooked in your hands, you know skew pointing over there because once you put it behind your head and you throw it's going to go skew so the three main rules I kind of tend to go buy is. I'll check the ball straight in front of me. I'll bring it in front of my eyes check out straight or use this line down the bottom of the ball to look at my jumpers check the ball straight and then I hopefully have the ball straight behind my head and then that backed up with throwing the ball chasing your hands to the Target. The ball should come out straight when you get the ball every time whenever you start to throw now always hold the ball in the same place, so maybe with a different ball. Yeah, I'd have like the Of the almost Hanukkah balls. So always always get the ball. Same place always put my hands in the same place. I always check my hands first so go feet and I've got hands and then I'll go bring it up. So I saw you do a little bit of both. Why doing this? What was your thought there? Why did you do that? Just to line it up. Are you looking over the top of the ball? That's okay bring it up one and look under the wall but keeping the ball straight there that changing we because all I'm saying there if you just hinge down imagine, there's a hinge here like this. So you're going to come down. Yeah, see that you're straight there. So you're going to hinge up. Nothing changes. You can see down the bottom and you bring it by in your head. And you still in the same sort of everything still, you know, I'm telling you now. I took a photo that line is straight where you had it. So with those that were those other lines they're a bit. They some of them got this one to never go behind the head and do that. So if you can go from one, too. Get into position to throw the ball where you're comfortable. See what you've done there. You've gone unless you've gone on to and soon as I said put it on your head. You've gone who can't do anything if your chin on your chest. She need to go there one two, probably open your shoulders off a little bit. Start again start again straight what you thinking straight? You're going to hinge up. Yeah check that. It's straight. There you go. Turn off the chest looking to throw. And I go straight. That's what routines therefore. So when you're tired when you you're not thinking clearly it's just natural for you to get the ball put your hands in the right place for the ball to be straight straight straight. I do it without even thinking though. So I think it is a confidence thing, but building a routine it makes you yeah what you thinking? I'm thinking feet straight away. What are your feet doing happy with your feet? Yep. Good next job. hands full good what you do with your hands? What were you doing during the Titanic don't want to do the Titanic. Okay, really good so far when you're behind your head this time just have a pause. Okay? Straight straight pause pause better hands though not doing the Titanic anymore point to the Target much better really good really good really good and you a nice slow so slow and then through I want you to go at one two, three bank then throw. Okay three pause. Okay when I go back out there when you throw this is strong. Yeah. You go in there you go. Tell me like me, right but that's that's this is one of the strongest muscles your abs under here a really strong. So when you throw in bring put hands down the field this here, so when you throw this is where your power comes from and here to you at the moment. You're kind of going at this is what you're doing your throne. You just using your arms. I want you to really think about using your back and your stomach to throw the ball. So using your power from here, so just a little arch in your back maybe and using that that power in a bit. I can guarantee you better throw the ball further. Okay, so go through the same steps. Good night, better power what would happen if I said 5 meters back? Would you throw it to me you reckon? Well, I'll go to meters because at the moment I can you're coasting. Same things apply. Hands, that's why I went over here. Did everything else? Right? But your hands there few hands go there. I can guarantee you the ball. Come to me. spitter guitar guitar hands. Oh, I'll tell you why G when you do everything you're really good, but you just sometimes forget small things. So before you set up was good your hands good, but you've got to use your power so you didn't throw it as far so if you can get everything right will be spot on.