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The Most Important Values For Players

Saracens academy manager Don Barrell explains his views on what the most important values young players should have and what he looks for

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Don't borrow Academy manager at saracen. It's a really it's a great question. And I probably the million dollar question for Youth Academy development. And you know, what if I could have I had the recipe to tell you what kid looks like at 12 who's going to be Premiership then I think I'd be the richest man in world sport. It's a very difficult thing. We are leaving our selection for epd G, which is the saracens basic entry-level Academy to under 15 waiting till post puberty, which we're thinking is around on the 15 will give players a chance to level off without you can have all the skill in the world. If there was one thing I was to hang my hat on I'd say it's just a kid who has a desire for work great and appetite and hunger to learn and a hunger to work in games and talk. I think that's something That will separate the players who've gone through to have long and decent careers from those who never quite made it it's the player who just has a desire to work and wants to keep improving and pushing social values of that sort. Is that sort of Integrity commitment respect teamwork? Is that what you're talking about? Yeah, so it's Harrison's we've got four values honesty hard work discipline and humility there for kind of pillars of our club and I think they're pretty reflective through life. So you have a look at the Players. We want to develop we don't just want to develop a player with life of develop the person as well. And I think it's usually important that the person who comes through they could be the best player in the world, but if they're not happy to shake the hand of the person who's helped them out or picks up the kit and wash the towels. It's probably not the player we want to develop so those social values are massive and it's really important the kids to help each other out and the those who are quick Learners help those who are slower and as and like you say learning from your peers is a brilliant tool. So they're all traits that build up the social values are To the sport, but obviously I'm gonna hang my hat on one. It's work, right?