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Fun Passing Games

Children are naturally competitive and will engage more in training exercises that include a competitive edge. This challenges their skills under pressure and creates excitement and fun

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You ready? Will you stand still off you go the rest of you. Are you ready? Go 1 I'll start we come on in. What what are we going to do with our hands keep them out? You can shout out tackle. Okay, hold your hands out ready for the ball. Okay, and cool for it. Are we ready? We ready? Let's get to 10 go one two. counted out Gone, well done everyone you've ever the round of applause we're going to be breaking into small sided games playing a little bit of piggy in the middle. But of keep ball as part of the warm-up just getting the ball in the hands a little bit of fun. Okay. All we're doing is equivalent boys just in these in the blue squares within student one their little bit of piggy in the middle. If you like three guys are trying to look after the boy. You're not allowed to run with the ball. Okay, and we're in green bibs in the middle. We're going to try and slap the ball down trying to get in the way. OK. If you do slap the ball down whoever made the pass then checks the bib on they're the ones that are in the middle make sense plate. They're trying to get in the way. He's not big area running five by five. Okay, nothing overhead. Nothing overhead from now on. Slap it down. We try and play the games and then there's a bit of a breather slightly more static drills maybe but we try and even put those into have a little bit of a Competitive Edge in those as well. So, you know, it's two teams and it's who scoring the most but it's actually isolating what we really want to do in the in the drill. Nice spin passes no spin passes. No spin quick targets out quick targets out change direction change direction ball away quickly. Okay, hold it there. Right each time. You pass the ball you do a press up everyone each time you pass the ball to press on let's go press up and up, press up and up, press up and up. Come on quick quick. Catch him out. Come on, catch him out. Quick hands. Who's going to get there quick quick quick quick quick quick. Come on, get him. Get him get him change direction change direction. Where's your press up? Come on quick quick, press up. Hold it there. Okay. This ball is going to be passed between you two. So watch me I'm going to do this. Okay, and then this one this ball goes there. There. There. There there there. Can we just go back and forward and we go back and forward this one good. I'm back in town good hands out to the targets out little steps you take in training bigger steps, you're taking games and a lot of time you create situations off as you can and then you have to give a player time to time to adapt and time to develop.