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Practicing Skills on Your Own

Richard Wigglesworth gives a message to young scrum-halves to take every opportunity to perfect their core skills.

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I did a lot of stuff on my own in terms of kick in and all skill based stuff. But when I was 16 17 decided that it was maybe someone ought to do I dedicated half my lunch time to pass him the ball in the gym with one of my roommates is when you took him all around the playground when you doing that always throw it off you off your bottom. Everyone liked it all these big long passes off the nice and and I was the same until 16 didn't dedicate any time until my weak hand and I wish I had always always worked on that week aside when when it doesn't matter not in a game situation when you're just playing with your mates in the park just work on that but underneath there's no excuses about whether or not suffered enough places to get yourself in doors and do it.