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Dean Ryan: How to use Drills

Dean Ryan explains how he thinks coaches should approach using drills in their sessions.

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Girls are important depending on levels just to frame skill aspects of the game any time I've spoken to any sort of Coach education. It's got to be very careful of taking drills and thinking I replicate them in my club and therefore will get better. They're not they should be a drill should be something you framed in your mind that you want to solve within your game. And once you understand that if you think of the game as sort of paddling along cross the top of the Seas if it's some it's going wrong with that. You need to drag it down and sort of break it down try and fix it in a little drill and then send it back up again and whatever that is isn't necessary solved by replicating somebody else's and so you have to make the connection of what what's happening in your side. What is it that's going well and what is it that needs work on when you've identified what it is in your work on you can grab that piece of the game and drag it down try and create a little scenario or Work on it and then send it back up again. And I think that's key is so many coaches who lack confidence think they're trying to replicate things. They've seen now we all replicate things we see but then we adapt it to what our problem is and that's the key and I always say, you know, I'm talking to coaches. I don't want you to take my hand out and go and run that because that doesn't make you a better coach. In fact, it would probably be a barrier to be a better Coach take the types of things we were talking about and then try and set them your problems around that and if you do that, then you're trying to make people better and that's probably really determining that you you're on the road to being pretty good coach.