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L2 - Penetrating Defence Game

Skill Practice Description • The playing area is marked out in 5m channels. • When defending, players must stay within their channel throughout the game. • The attack must look to penetrate the defence by creating and preserving space. • The defence must use a two handed touch. • There is a 5 tackle turnover rule and once possession is turned over, the defence must get into a channel as the opposition can attack immediately. Key Coaching Points • Support players to hold their opposite number as long as possible before cutting a line to take the pass. • The defender can close the space as far as the edge of their own channel. • If the support player cuts too early or the ball carrier does not move their defender enough, the support player will be touched/tackled. Relevance to the Game • This game will help develop the footwork and running lines to effectively move defenders in order to penetrate the tackle line.

Video Subtitles

Okay gents. We're going to play this game where the Defenders which are the yellow team. You have to stay in your channel in the cones Mark out your channel going up and down the pitch. Okay attackers, you can go into any channel you like when there's a touch as a tackle you go down on the floor. Someone comes in and access scrum-half. All right, if the balls turned over when you become the Defenders get into a channel and stay in that channel. Okay, so it's up to the attacking team to work out how they're going to exploit the split space to be able to score happy with that remember attackers. You don't have to stay in a channel. So blacks are going to attack first ready. Play We Go. Put the ball down yellows. You're attacking from that blacks getting the channel. Make sure you're in one channel each. Well done, let's go finish it off by she going to work back. You're going to play out yellow ski cells into a channel each communicate about what you're going to stand. So I said, there we go. Turnover yellow Bowl any channels box? What exploited make sure we get into our channels? Okay, so when we're attacking what are we looking to try and do to create space to get through them? Because they're in a fairly organized defensive line. What sort of things are we looking to do? What do you mean when you say I see like pooping? Yep. The create a 2V1 and how you he stood in the middle of his channel how he's going to create a bit of space. Yep, move him across to one side to open up that space and give the ball to your teammate. So Yep flight take you forward. Excellent work score it get yourselves in channels yellows quickly when he someone in this one. Great work to shut down we go down we go. Let's think about those TV One's gray stuff finish it up. right black shorty selves into your defensive line