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Quins - Two touch Game

This conditioned game allows attackers two touches so that they can isolate one defender, the game encourages good support play and can be used to improve fitness

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Earn your skill at an early age. How do you become better under pressure in games? To me you do that by playing games. So we'd like to think that we will do a lot of a lot of our learning a lot of our game understanding through playing games. And then if there are issues with specific players, individual players, and this is the individual needs then you can address that within skills clinics afterwards with that player. Yes, you still have drills, you're still breaking things down to get proper technique, but for me the predominance of actually making a skill better and making a player better is by putting them under pressure in a game. Yes, it's a conditioning game called two touch so you can be touched once by one player if you are touched by a second player, then it's a straight turn over. So what we need to do is isolate one defender take him on get in behind them and then we can move the ball and flood through. The defending side has to retreat back to the 15 meter once they've scored over the five. So it's just about constant work rate really but on the top of that it's good skills and hardworking defence. Get on the 15 yellows on the 15. Come on, keep working keep working. Good Archie, well moved. Go on RoryAttack side then, how do we think that went? Quick hands. All right. So if we create the overlap, we've got to pick them off. Yeah, what have we got to do to pick them off? Yeah. So which way we're going to move, forward we have to go forward if we don't go forward. All we do is get the ball. We passed the ball and the defender on if we take that pace forward each time. Then he has to hold for us. Yeah. So we've got to get deep enough to come forward. That's the key thing there. Try and get momentum into the attack as often as possible rules of the game. What does it allow us to do? Take one man on? All right. So move the ball in the space big gap see the side of him. Excellent. I'll take him on it's touch not tackle. If you start tackling you'll be going around the posts. All right, so it's touch the you can take that man on use your bit of foot working outside him go for it break the line and then you're in behind them and then we've got to flood. So do you use whole pot hole and condition games here? We do we try to put everything into games as much as possible.