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New Kicking Games

Adding variety to your kicking practises will engage your players and motivate them to step up to the challenge. Dave Walder from Newcastle Falcons introduces Three new kicking games in this clip

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After practicing your skills in isolation, but if you can put them into a game it's ultimately is games that matter, you know, you can be a great kicker when there's no pressure and there's no no movements involved either you or the ball or the other end of the defence you're trying to beat if you could put it into a game scenario, you know and concentrate on getting your Technique right under that pressure it'llserve you well when you come to weekend and you're playing matches. Okay one ball each please, one balleach. 1 is going to kick the ball to 2, 2 is gonna kick the ball to 3 3 to 4 4 to 5 5 to 6 6 or 7 all at the same time. Okay. So timing thing, okay and what this is doing. This is now thinking okay. Now there's a little bit of pressure because I think about trying to catch a ball that won't focus on the kick. Okay focus on getting a good kick away. You get a good kick away. The guy don't have to move this about the cat is standing still so some your time and Rory. Two ballsdown. Okay, so not bad. Not bad. We got in there we got in there. Okay, let's go. Let's go see if we can go without any balls going down and then we can move it on one now. One down, right? Okay. This is quite a good way of getting the guys to practice something under pressure. Stony started have a look. Okay watch how quickly a lot of them come out the box. I think he'd kick. Where's my next meal coming from? Okay as if you know your kick the guy shouldn't have to move. So if your folks on their kick, then you should just be catch it and they should be able land on your head right concentrate get a good kick away. Don't worry about catching. It called shuttle landing on the guy's head. Nope. Nope, I became more organized. You are the best professional being the less less chance the guys have of catching you out. I think as long as you stick the principal at any point in your session, somebody should ask you why you why they're doing something. You should be able to tell them if you can't can't give them an answer. You probably shouldn't be doing this for now put it into a bit more kick into a Target situations and trying to actually kick under a little bit of pressure and maybe a bit more gay game. Scenario style cases. Those a cross. Kick. Okay Bread's I'm going to feed the ball on the same time James you want to cross here? There's two balls going at once again. We'll start with one more. This is going to go you're actually trying to hit probably two yards. Shy of Rory, right? K1 the guy who's running onto it to time. It was actually running on climbing getting the ball above his head. Good kick good. Okay off we go then. Good kick a Beretta bring the ball in. Okay gang now some lady not into a space Rock International person standing still another thing your brain has to think about. Okay, it's being a fullback that space for now. Obviously the purpose of the truly don't want bullets flying everywhere. But what we're saying is to try to beat the full back into that space there. Oh, sir. I pray go drill to work on for you for years Winger's catch a lacrosse field kick, but it was practicing this I'd really stretch the guys you take the square out really maximize it obviously you wouldn't have them do as much running is that ideally you doing this with sort of 1415 guys? Because stretch some people to limits. Okay, because that's when you can start to highlight when people are maybe missing a missing a trick here or there. It's gonna be three guys here in that half. This is the halfway line these white kinda three guys in this half. Okay, there's three goals fellows. There's the red going there between the two red cones. There's a going at the back up to the two white coats and there's another one on the side there same at both ends. You got two points. If you bounce the ball out for a goal. Okay, you got five points of the guy kicks it you catch a new beams the halfway line. So James kicks it and he forgets he's got go to the halfway line and you bring the ball back there. You have five points, right? So once you've kicked he's gonna get it halfway. Okay, what we're trying to do here is this three goals there should only be two guys protecting three goals. So the kick ass to get his head up spot where it is and get the ball to that do again. We've done all the techniques stuff now put into a game situation and what you'll find is because they're excited. I want to get bought leather technique mug out of pocket give he's there he's done. You've just got to kick it. There's now three goals to wait for the red the white or the red. Okay. You got a bounce it out straight out one point to this team. So once it goes, oh you got to stay here. Okay, two points. Got it, Bret. You got it half way. She's done half after you kick. Okay? Okay. Okay good idea. Can we play it so that we can actually depend on what we're trying to achieve? Okay, some weeks. We're really happy to give it in the ball and say counter attack us because we think that offer counter-attack we're better defending the graph a line out on the grounds that they don't know where they're going to be set. Therefore. We're pretty comfortable in that other weeks will say right lineouts actually, not a bad thing. Okay, you can you can wait as you want stretch the size of it stretch the size of the goals play the pitch big put four guys in put two guys in play around with everyone your Tweet your Technique as you grow up you'll as you get more confident things will change certain parts of that realizing it and then maybe a bit overconfident again without realizing it then you look at yourself and you think we'll actually I need to do a bit more of this or a bit more of that and you're evolving whole time and that's why I love that.