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Joe Launchbury - Lineout Tips

England & Wasps Second row Joe Launchbury provides a few tips on the role of the lock and what coaches and players should focus on

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Start of the game. It has to be the set piece for any any modern day forward. The set piece has to be where you start your games. All secure they've got to make sure they tighten those arms Gaskell there. Gaston was leading the charge. The line is picked up by his he borrows his way over in the lineup a lot of my time spent over jumping I left in so we have a variety of cools and the ball can go to different parts of the line out small things like a lineup looks really complicated in a game when the ball is coming in the timing between the bull coming in the jump, but for me, it's every little component. So if you're lifting to lift maximum height every time so you're on the front full extension of you on the back trying this on the hamstrings and then for the jump I mentioned earlier it's it's about your body body transfer to the spots as I'm going to jump there get there as quick as you can and still executing it jump so it's to run through the hole drilled to get there as quick as you can and full lift and then you can try get maximum height and then it's up to the hook and then to hit you at full height. Simpson Ashley Johnson all showing speed and quite a step releasing bundle bundle companies. Can I get a yes, he can the lineups with delivery from the line out. So either just on the ground off on a platform hooker hits your hands, then you just feel it straight to the nine. So practicing left hand right hand both hands, you know, making sure whatever happens in the game. You've already practiced it, you know, lots of stuff with the balls always having a ball left hand right hand catching it over hand. So the balls in the grip and then up above your head as well with against the wall. So, you know, just just looking up and then left the right hand up above your head hit about rebounding Off the Wall controlling it in one hand and throwing it back. Connected well. My Hooper is the bathroom early signs. Good Colburn's holds possession of the ball and the back.