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Lineout - Learning To Lift

Learning to lift and work as a pod of three is the foundation of an effective line out. London Irish academy provides some great tips on how to coach this area

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So this is just the under-16 forwards. So obviously it's their first year of really competitive lifting they did a bit last year. But as the rules changed they will have done less of it. Now. It's the case of improving their skills. A lot of them are pretty good at lifting from a static position. But now it's the case of moving them on to be able to move the same time. And you know, these three games are just little things that you can do with their clubs in their schools. It's a bit of fun. But also there is a technical element to it as well and hopefully we can get to the stage where if we put them on our site for the boys and they can start recognizing and they can take it as I say back to their clubs and schools they can work on it. Okay. Good height. What I'm Jack is stepping in underneath. Let's look at this one. Okay. So James, what do you think you could do to get me in the are quicker. So we have four color quadrants and a coach will call for the lifters and jumper to move into one of the squares. So it's important that all three are in the same square because it makes it nice and tight on the left so we can get maximum height we can adapt it slightly by making it smaller and just have jumper only but the key is for them to stay in the Square so they can move up and down in the same space. So we're not moving forwards and backwards. I want us maximum height. So that's why we stay nice and tight. Yeah. Yeah and go down. We're having a relation to Louie. Where was where was the power in your lift coming from? It was a lot of your arms Kane. I fortunately Louise not very heavy and Doug and you are both strong so you can get him up easier but to get my quicker. And then fire them up through. Okay, just because he's lighter don't abuse that. Okay, so you might ask what's Poppin for junior? Hey last couple will rotate again.