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Lineout Jumping Fundamentals

Here we take you through the basic and essential core skills required for any jumper in the lineout.

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The reason I say that is because I need to make sure I've got a really strong core as it because otherwise I end up through the glutes. So holding on like an either way squeezing through my boots because if I don't I make you have a tendency to lean forwards, which means I thought well my friend Jumper by lift the story by squeezing my glutes. Hold on for a we suddenly I straightened up and now I'm in a pretty good position. You're strong then yeah my really strong and that's the point trying to get across you can get into good habits early then they don't think it's harder to drink that Richard Speck degree than it is going to be April. Going to think instead of be careful to cut off the other way back put the front and up. It's just that so and then going I want to go backwards because that's the other skill. Okay, then it's front to back and it up. So I'm quite specific about my feet were footwork. So I have to sing about footwork in all in all parts of the game, but certainly at the lineup but it's really important and also to remain consistent and that becomes really important to start doing so what you tend to find requires our coach before you have to be coached sometimes one minute one black will do this the next time he will do that. Imagine how hard it is for a lifter to judge exactly where they meant be so we want to try create some consistency backwards. Straight up and going forwards profit back really simple. It's actually take break up any threes and just kind of just have to go.