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Lineout Lifting Progressions

The second session focusses on developing the basic techniques for building your line out. Wasps second row James Cannon takes some level 6 players through some progressions

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Yes, so moving on from last week. We're now focusing a bit more on movement options in the line out. So getting the guys moving in pods with and without the ball lifters really stepping into the jump and throw him up there. Nice good one. Nice, a lot of the things will be communication based so working together in your pod. So your lifters watching the jumper and the jumper talking to the lifters and creating that Bond so that when they lift they get a good a good lift just go through some statically static jumps and then eventually we'll build up to moving in but static jumps to start off with no ball at the minute. Nice solid. Would you spend a couple of minutes doing this just get used to jump in and lifting again? Guys use you to use this group to demo. So we'll just have we did it last week. The two props are a little bit further apart lifter in the middle and just moving towards them and going up then so in your own time, just run through that. Nice jump and make sure you get a set and talk to your lifters. Nice Great Lift Great Lift. Okay Lads. So once you've done a couple of them, you can do the ones where one props at on his own at the front and you've got the jumper in the second prop moving on to him. Remember front guy. You've got to be strong and really attack that lift. So stop yourself from getting pushed backwards. You start close with him and then you run forward onto. Nice good. So take a little bit longer to set I think you'll get a better lift out of that. nice Okay, when you're ready move on move on to just moving back so the front prop and the jumper start together and they take two steps back to your back lifter. Okay, so really important here back lifter, you've got to talk. Tell them when they're at you and when to go up, okay? Nice get on the end good. That's the what and then they move backwards to you. Yes, sir. Good solid go in and on the five meter line set lift. Throw a throw a throw the ball in and then jumper deliver the ball back to the thrower. That's where you throw him up there if we pre binding good solid. Let's go through a couple of times each in your pods. Jumpers, let's talk to our lifters. Ask him to hold if you want to be held up there. So jumpy, you start by yourself in the middle off the 5-meter line and you to lifters move to him. So hooker you get your timing off the front guy coming towards him. Good good lift Lots. Nice solid. So what we're going to do is along these lines. So you've got where the hooker was thrown in from five meter line the 15 line just want you to move up and down the lines as a pod. It's kind of move backwards and forwards and then on my go will lift. Keep going. Keep going. Nice one more one more lads. nice now I start on the 5-meter line and we're going to move two steps back as iPod. Okay, so the hookers know where everyone is. nice Good control in the air there and kept your legs quite stable when the ball was out. Well now go start off in the middle and move two steps forwards. Okay? Good so friend lifter, you've really got a set. Okay, you've really got a tack in to make sure that he's not toppling over the top of you. Yep. So they'll be a few hiccups of the timing but that's something that you can practice and that will be ironed out over time the communication between the the lifting pod and the hooker is very important so that you get the right delivery of ball and the hooker can get consistency in his throat.