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England Sevens - Tom Mitchell - Conditioning Circuit

7s training

Video Subtitles

Hi, I'm Tom Mitchell England sevens Captain. Here's a general conditioning circuit. You might want to try at home. Okay, Tom drop to the floor and she hands and knees. Good. Why don't you just get your hands just shoulder width apart for Palms flat on the floor extend your legs out behind you. Okay, feet hip width apart we're going to do is lower yourself to the floor kano's touch the floor. Keep your core tight and bring yourself back up to the start. Okay, and repeat that through. Okay. Good Tempo slow on the way down explosive on the way up. Now you can do a normal press up on arriving at the top. I want to rotate open good good police up at around nice and controlled, press up and then repeat on the other side. Good keep working through that. Excellent good Tempo slow and controlled on the way down and control on the rotation. Ik times you put your hands on your hips or me going to do a reverse lunge. So I'm going to step back with one leg good and it alternates the other side focus on the weight being in that front foot. Okay foot flat at all times and just touch with your toes behind you with the other leg and lower your knees slightly to the floor. Keep your chest forward at all times good and relax. Okay, Tom want to take your feet shoulder-width apart and turn your toes out as if you're on a clock face your feet would be pointed to 11 and 1 now. It's put your hands on your hips. Okay, we're going to lower down into a squat to do that. You're going to bend your knees forward and you hit backwards and natural way, but your features a flat at all times and then you're going to explode up out of that position as high as you can jumping into the air before landing safely cushioning the landing on the floor before resetting and going again. Good nice reset stand up and go again. Instead of taking a wide position. I wanted to bring your hands in a lot closer than a normal press up almost inside shoulder with excellent and extend your feet out behind you on your toes focus on keeping a strong court and you can allow yourself like a normal press up but hold yourself six inches off the floor for five seconds to lower yourself slowly driving. It elbows backwards hold there for five four. Three, two one now race to the top. Okay. Tom always just come onto your left leg and balance on that leg and lift your back leg off the floor bend your left knee ever so slightly for me and bring your hands up for balance. And all I want to do is hinge at the hip by driving your chest and Chin as far forward as possible whilst keeping that position of your knee and you should feel a stretch in your hamstring. So extend out excellent keeping your back flat balance and return back to the start and try and repeat without putting your foot back on the floor. Good, excellent. Keep working through that. You should feel this through your hamstrings. And this should be a demand on you to keep your pelvis quite Square. As you bring yourself back to the start position. Okay, Tom. All you do is step forward one leg and step back with the other excellent and put your hands on your hips or me. Your weight should be on the front leg. Now as you lower yourself to the floor. So you pushed forward with your front knee and your back legs knees should drops the floor nice and lift yourself up good keep repeating that keep your chest forward at all times and keep yourself balanced. Okay, excellent. That's the last rep. Once you've finished that stand up swap legs. Okay, and repeat the same sequence again, you can use dumbbells for this exercise. If you want to increase the intensity you just hold them by your side.