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Tackling - When is the tackle completed?

It is very much an individual choice as to when a tackle is completed to when the defender can compete for the ball. What is generally accepted is that good tackle technique will enable the defender to "Be ready" for his next task. This clip explores why a strong grip or "Ring of steel" will enable the tackler to be dominant

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So driving through the tackle was in the third area. So that's about once you've made contact. Once you've got a good grip. It's then about the next three to four seconds what you do with that tackle whether you chop tackle and then execute maybe a roll and get back on your feet or whether it's chasing your feet in contact driving the player sideways possibly driving the player backwards and potentially landing on top of the player so that then you're in a dominant position. Okay, where should we be tackling if we're aiming to hit somebody about the I about here? So the I the be the E somewhere around there. That's a perfect circle. Okay. What's the first what are we trying to do first? What's the first principle? Yep? Yep legs in first footwork. What's the second thing just been practicing? We're getting low. Yes, that's good. Body position. Yes, wrapping your arms around getting making good contact do we learn that the bag go? When's the tackle finished? Okay, so I might challenge you on that. So, okay. Let's go. Okay, how does that stop what happened there? Yeah, and then did what happened to the arms let go so what's this? What's that term called Ring Of Steel that ring of Steel really important who's next. Well, I'm trying to steal you. Let it go who's going to give me a ring of Steel? Okay, right. You going to give me a ring of Steel? Let's go ready. Bring a steel. Come on. Perfect. Okay, that's good that ring a still. Let's go. Perfect. Okay now hold up. We're going to progress this. So to make sure that you're keeping hold of the bag. I'm going to add a little exercise. So this is we're not progressing the skill. I'm just ensuring to complete this that you finish the tackle. And once you're on the floor Ring Of Steel, you're going to roll around on the bag. So the bag does a full 360. Okay. You ready? Let's go Ring Of Steel roll over roll it over and open your feet up and your feet. Well, when you get up on your feet up on your feet right over the bag who's next bring a steel first and roll it you that's gonna still on a roll and roll roll it on your feet ring a still and roll ready go. I'll stop you let go of it. You got to keep hold of it. Otherwise, it's got up and gone. You're in this go ring still roll roll roll roll up on your feet. I'm rolling. I'm only feet great stuff. Can you hear the background grab that ball, please? Ready, go ring a still and Rollin over Rollin Rollin Rollin on your feet. Perfect. Okay this time when you finish the tackle you go over the bag and pick the ball Up Ring a steel rolling. Let's go ring a still and roll him roll roll roll roll roll roll roll up on me feet over the bag at the ball. Good. Let's go next one. Go bring a still Roll Roll Roll. Roll. Pretty feet got the ball. Perfect quicker than me. Okay group. Hey, that is absolutely brilliant. And what we need to do is make those tackles in the game. You'll that way. You've just been touched on to down you're going to tackle down you go a foot between you you're going to get up and try and beat him one of the other ways. What's your job? Tackle and Tackle lo-roll. Okay, and then pick the ball up ready go tackle him low low low low low low low tackling down tackling down tackling down really good low body position go low. Low low low ring of steel ring a steel ring a still getting the Ring of steel ring of Steel. Come on ring a still get your arms together arms together arms together putting down go on put him down roll him roll him go on roll him. Okay, that's great work next to ready. That was really good work. The person has made the touch down. You're going to make a tackle and roll. Okay, the person with the ball carrying the ball, you can't get up and run again. You just place the ball and then a scrum half will come in and play are we ready coloreds up there Blues this side colors down the side. It starts. Where's your trial? And we go sideways or forwards. Just go good chops is a good touch chart carry on carry on College play forwards forwards kind of play on play on touch that down you go down wait, go tackle and roll low tackle and roll roll him roll roll. Wait, wait, wait, wait until the roads gone now ball place now play. Hey go forwards forwards forwards go down down ego both of you down ready. Go check on Roll chuckling Rollo tackle for one of the questions that was asked by some of the coaches poster session this evening was about the tackle and roll. So it's something we worked on. And so what we're doing is we're encouraging players to understand one that the tackle is not completed until you've continued to work whether that's driving the player into a position where you are the dominant tackler and end up on the floor on top of the ball or on a chopped tackle. Whether you use the momentum of your chop tackle to continue rolling and working that player post the original the initial contact.