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Cheek-to-cheek - Head position

This exercise is a good first step into tackling and teaches players about correct head position.

Video Subtitles

I would like Bertie you face the boys on your knees. You face me. I mean, he's here you face many knees here. Okay, so what do we tackle with? Shoulders and then do we tackle with these? Okay, so they don't actually take part in a tackle. So what we're going to do as we practice going to use two tennis balls. Holt okay. So what's going to happen here is Bert is going to tackle he's going to do what's called cheek to cheek. So in there so your cheek when you end up with a tackle your face cheek on your bum cheek. So you're going to tackle here head head that side shoulder in tackle over wrap your arms. Okay, we're just going to do one side first. Okay, Bertie ready? Go arms round good. So stop there. Stop there. Stop station 30. Stay where you were. Okay, right. So where's Bert is cheek right on his bum cheeks. That's exactly that's really good technique back would get Bertie up and get we're now going to go to the other side Bertie tuck the other side ready go nice a baguette baguette Bertie other side, please and the other side tackle. Nice up on the other side. Good. Okay, everyone okay with that so why the technical points stay there Bertie technical points are cheek. What do we tackle with? What do we do with our arms? Okay. Nice, make sure your cheeks the right way. Let's go. Nice good. You okay? The wrong. Okay. Make sure that is that that she okay. Let's go up you come this way. I want to watch you do this. One Let's Go Wrap Your Arms. Make sure you tackle and wrap. Okay, does everyone have a go?