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Introduction to tackling - Step 1

To build confidence in tackling technique and taking contact, it can be a good idea to start with players on their knees.

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Head behind squeeze and driving the shoulders. It's gonna look something like this. Okay and never when he's down in a while. We do another getting minute once he's gone down. He's just going to put the ball down. So we look once more nerve. So I'm nice and close to my knees. I've cited where I'm going it's bang and then we'll just puts the ball down fine. Don't worry about the direction for a minute. This time I'm going to be moving. All right you all doing well about where to get your head. Some of you aren't holding on long enough for one or two when you going down with the ball. But doing that. I don't want you to do that. When you go down let your back take it and then place it but this time there's a directions I'm going that way Neville is going to tackle me. Okay, and watch what I do with the ball he comes in with a tackle. Okay. I've gone round the back of him and place the ball. You see that it's a good tackle by him. I'm not just gonna die with it. I landed on my back and put it ready for someone else to play with right. So tackle him to win or get him out the grid. Let's watch a go. Okay taku in Zod lock good stuff. So that's one Edge. That's the other Edge you're trying to shuffle and score a try if you tackle you join them ready? Let's go.