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L2 - Diamond Support Development

Skill Practice Description • Play a game of touch or grip tackle. • At the coach’s discretion, call “slow ball!” or “freeze” and allow the attack to form a diamond behind the 1st or 2nd receiver. Then call “Play!” • The defence will also be organised but this will be the case in a full game. • Allow the game to progress and shorten the time they have at the slow ball scenarios. • Don’t be concerned if there are not four players in the formation as long as there is at least a second tier of support. • As players become competent at forming the shape in front of the tackle line, the coach may develop the ability to form again, having made a line break. • Develop the game into full contact. Key Coaching Points • Holding spaces open. • Ball carrier to watch the defensive shape and not look round for the support. • Listening and cooperation. Play with the eyes in front and the ears behind. • Intuitive decision making. • Support to hold depth and not arrive at the tackle line flat.

Video Subtitles

Okay, that sounds a bit of steam. This side of me. Please. Numbers are side blacks. You're going to defend yellows. You're attacking. We've got two greens in two guys in green bibs are acting as 9 and 10 10 is the first receiver is just touch and hold when your touch you go down and place the scrum-half comes in and moves the ball 9 to 10. The other attackers what I want to see you do in terms of your support is create a diamond shaped support with the first receiver at the head of that diamond in the rest of you are lined up outside and your job then is to look at what are the defense doing and then make the appropriate choice about where the ball goes from there. Ready, let's get ready to plate. Let's go for it. There's the toshio down we go. I'm going to give you a score that just tell me explain to me what you did there to create that space. It was instead of doing the move the diamond off the bottom of turn it off to to courage Point little monkey. And who was it that stop them getting out into that space? Yeah. Okay. So the guy immediately outside you took a line in and you had the option to go to him or go behind him. You went behind him that allowed you to get outside. Excellent stuff. Like let's go for with the ball. touchdown Where should we go food it play on plan.