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Tackle games - 5v5 Semi-contact

The sides are now even and the players can tackle, but not attempt to steal the ball. Again, the defence must retreat 5m, giving the attackers opportunities.

Video Subtitles

So guys, this is 5v5. Semi contact rugby. Let's see how we go. Listen to The Ref off you go. taco Stop penalty against you one two, three four didn't Retreat or any sport here. Here here here backe. Go back you go back you go play. Try given. Oh, no, no try drop the ball over the line black boil play on. Play on come on play on tackle. Oh, no, Taco. Oh, he's through. He's through good. Try back her from the middle from an ill quick link back ego blacks back you go blacks. f*** you go play. tackle tackle tackle that think about what we're doing back you go. Taco wacky go blacks back ego Running onto the bowl good tackle their down he go. Don't forget we said run onto all that better. Keep score. Yes. Okay play. Oh stop touch their please like more on the cone fellas. Nice straight line up. Peace That's good. taco salad go straight go straight. That's a great pass. That's a great pass and it's a great try go play. Okay.