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Creating The Overlap With Loops

This session is all about creating the overlap through loops whilst your players are working under pressure with the ball in hand.

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Tonight's session is really looking at handling Under Pressure executing the overlaps and working with that with groups where the even numbers on both sides and how we can change the point of attack and really create a false overlap of the back of that. So you'll be seeing a lot of Loops a lot of switch plays and a lot of running straight straightening up and hopefully clean your laptop then give it up everyone there. And then we're going to go back to be happy or not. Okay, Defenders just be nice and static to start with. Okay, we will build up as we go. So every time boys, yeah, just continue. So we're going to create an extra man a force overlap. Okay, let's go. Go just go just go through go through deeper. Okay, let's go. Let's go through good work last one one foot one more through. And stop there every single one of you stop stop every single one of us had done the loop like this. There was a moment boys would not bit wet my attacker my make cannot see the ball. Okay, there's a moment where we can't see the ball. All right. I rather you do your switch where your plant your maker see the ball all the time. So how would I do that? Turn this way or turn that way turn left so you can always see the ball. So as a coming up here fixing my man, you can see the ball all the time bang. Give it there. If and In This Moment here where else can I do? Hello? Dummy, I'm gone go to keep doing this boys. I don't looks good looks pretty on TV and stuff boys. Come on. Let's do the basics, right the basic is this. Okay? Let's go. Thanks. Yes lovely now. Okay, let's go. Let's go make sure he sees the ball giving people yardage. Let's go. Bang good Force overlap go through go through great support great support. That's okay. Well played nice Jack. Nice Jack nice, Jack Castro. Do you can be creative? You can be crazy if you want to. Nice lovely, look it up and finish it there swap Defenders. What was your side? Good good, two three Mikey. Just hold it up back back back a bit. Good decision good for bang bang. Go good finish it. Well played well played. Well. Yes opposition will have an overlap so we will have numbers on us and we're gonna have an overlap but it's have been more creativity about us was here you sure you can do Under Pressure here. All right with a bit with a bit of a guidance would at the beginning but it can be done was yeah. So if there's a big on numbers and US create the force force overlap. All right, if we go 3 2 and we got numbers run straight to inside shoulders keep it simple. We don't need Miracles. We just need simple stuff done. Well, it was what?