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Quick Ball Presentation Drills

Use these quick and competitive games to practice good and strong ball presentation. Practice with high standards and it will come naturally in the games!

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Okay, so in a game if you're playing that way or you to hit the deck on your chest now. Playing the facing that way facing that way. Okay, and then I want you to present the ball as you would in the game that you're playing that way to hands or figure. So problem is fellows if anyone comes in as a Defender, okay, y'all carry that one hand you can just kick out your hand or just look at you and easy. I was a good chance. You're not cops or two hands at all times. Okay. So we look at this fellow's you get back in position. Okay, you can be partner which is length top of him. You're going to give it a nice landing. However, you like just give a bit of resistance. Okay, right. So you're in this position 8 that's not a straight ahead of you South stroke behind you East is that way west is that way if I call north south east or west you go to present in that that direction East. So quick you can first get in that position present long tool and South get working on the deck good present long two hands worst. Soph try and use your whole body follows use your butt legs. Did you knees and take your feet and East okay this time can I borrow you to write lay on the floor facing me side to side. So let the flow. That's it. Just as you are. Hands by your sides notice you side to side of it so and by sides. There's the ball when I shout go one of you is going to get the ball, hopefully, okay, so quick is get them all if you win mate, you're presenting them all that way. If you're when you're presenting that we're okay, if you lose you jump straight up on your feet and work over the Rocks. Imagine You've Won met you've got the ball present long that way. You've lost you jump up straight over the Rook almost like a back role of the rap for us. We straight up. That's it go through and pick the ball up. Okay. Fantastic, right you bet on YouTube Go. Axle well done really quick reactions boys. So the personal wins your straight away represent the ball. The person was lost that you've got to get straight on your feet and work over the rock. Okay, but then we go, we're gonna Crush you with these fellows get the hang of it. dope Axel welder work over fantastic stand your feet. That's a penalty. Well, I guess anything. Go. To Hans foot. Remember two hands present long. Okay, boiling your chest files until you position then arms out long presentation. When we tackle fellas is going to be our mindset straight away that we've got to do some work in the floor. If you just hit the deck and all the ball out. You just sitting duck for someone to take that ball off you so when we tackled hit the deck if we can hit the deck and you fall on your chest while following our chest protects the ball, okay for now Buckle ball up in the air, he's of soldiers running take it off. And so I did it for your chest feathers cover that ball up and then straight away. We do some work wriggle on the floor rolling on the floor moving the ball present it back. Okay, don't get caught just laying down the deck with the ball ball out into Hands-On one has it just tick ticking off you do some work.