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Managing the Contact Area

Concentrating on the actions of the tackler and the support player in the moments after a tackle. It's important to practice the correct body position and technique so that the right decision can be made on the pitch.

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I'll take you on okay, make a tackle good up to your feet and your feet and your feet get around go around go around. Okay, good. Okay. Now if you were going to clear him out, where would you pick to clear them out? Okay, you depict a clearing out probably when he got to his feet and he was running around like that. Okay to get onto the ball. Okay, stay on your hands. Okay. Use your hands as a pivot get around you already there. Okay, because as soon as you come up, you're a big targets clear out. Yeah good for you. Good taco good on TV on TV and your feet. Excellent. Good stay on your feet. Right on really is to develop your attacking and defensive skills, but most importantly, you know our management of the contact area because in our last game before half-term, we're still not keeping hold of the ball and we should and and managing the contact opposition of coming through on it or making mistakes as we go to ground. So Mike's now going to cover a couple of really important points for you in terms of the tackle Jackal and essentially our clearing techniques. Okay. All you're going to do is you're going to take him on. Okay, but you're going to accept the tackle. I don't want any Heroes running through scoring tries. Okay, it's gonna be about 6080 percent. Okay, take him on take the tackle. Okay. So let's walk it through take the tackle. He's tackled. Okay. Now this man working the tackle Jackal so this man is going to try and get to his feet as quick as he can. Okay, and he's going to try and get on the ball. Now, what's the Best and quickest way for you to get on the ball. Okay. Yep. Yes to release the tackle of first. Okay, so you have to release him. Okay, and then you want to get background you want to get on the ball? Okay. Now the best way to do that, okay. So use your momentum there. Okay, so I'll demonstrate very quickly up on your feet. Okay, so I've just what's your name? Okay, we'll walk it through. Okay, you just come through. I've just tackled you there. Okay momentum is going this way. Okay. I've hit the ground. So what I'm going to do then is up onto my feet. Well round their hands up on the ball. Okay. Does that make sense? Why have I kept my hands on the floor when I swirl around on the ground? Excellent to stay low because if I come up and walk around here by the time I've got their auditory been cleaned out if I stay low in that hard position. I just release the ball and I'm back on it straight away again. Okay, even if I get cleared out then I have the ball. I can place it back to my team we go through and we clear the ball. Okay. So what happens is as soon as you run out, okay, I tackle you you go to ground on it the ball I then place it back to the next person you then become the defender we go through and force. Does that make sense? Excellent? Okay, so I want you roughly 5 meters apart on this line playing that way. Please ready taecyeon taecyeon. Okay, make a tackle. Good out your feet on your feet swell round. Okay on the ball good remember release the but you have to release have your hands up for the referee. Yeah, Lolo good and Up and Up Get Around spin on and on. This is a great fun activity, but clearly if the boys aren't Can correctly you can't move forward to our tackle Jack or anything else until the players fully understand the safety implications of making the tackles and you know, we see it at every level players damaging themselves because they haven't done enough of the very very Basics. So I'm we're rushing it through a little bit. I'm sure Mike and I would certainly spend a lot more time on basically, you know cheek-to-cheek the usual old thing but getting not hitting the hip just below the hip so that we really do drop them and most of the boys are coming off too early the danger with coaching the shackle is you come off as you tackle the player you come off too early and actually don't finish the tackle, but your head comes away and then we're in all sorts of trouble. So with our camps, we will really make sure the boys have got the basics first. It's the simple things done. Well, and obviously the first priority is safety. We're just going to add a different element now. Okay. So what's going to happen is what's your name? James is going to be on his front and the ground. Okay, all this going to happen is you're going to go? Okay exactly the same thing make the tackle down swivel around make the Jackal as soon as attack of made you on your feet. You've got to clear them out the way. Okay now hold it there. Okay, first things first. Yeah, first things first, you can't make a claim if you kick the ball towards the opposition. Okay, they've got it. So you've got to look after that ball on the ground. He's going to present it. Keep his hands on it nice and tight. Kate doesn't have to worry about his head at the moment. Okay. What's your name Traders Austin low? Okay. Now this clear what did I say over there? Where should the head be? Okay in between the head and the elbow? Okay. If you can't get that low we want to do something called a crocodile roll. Well, basically I've become okay, you can come in. Okay, you put your arm under his leg there. Okay, and you can leave them off like that. Okay off we go get your arm out of the leg and leave them off. Okay. What up good? So it's actually right now on your feet on your feet and feet and came out came out good vote on. That's not bad. Go take you. One. Second one good taco good. Now you go. Now you go go to figure out what your feet. Okay unlucky he beat you there. Okay, just as quick as you can gets that right good. What on that's good that one. That's it. That's it. Go to ground. Go to ground. Go to the ground. Good. I've defeated you feed come on Jack a little juggle the ball and clear about the way. Okay. Good. Well done. Nice and low there great tackle. Get up get up. And get under I'm so now guys if that's the situation that's the situation with your car and get underneath then you've got to try and twist him a twisting round drop the shoulder and turn him around. All right and get him away on the other side. Okay, you have to get him away guys at the moment. We just want the guy to come in through the clear. Okay. So when you Jackal at the moment, it's not good technique in some ways, but we're doing a practice. We want to be practicing good techniques wherever we can so make your tackle try and get in lower. If you can I'll release you a little bit earlier so you can get over the ball and so we can get as low, okay, so you ready as soon as I tap you can go a bit earlier. So we need to make sure that they're able to execute what we're asking to do. Okay off you go ready. Go go. Go go go get it. Good tackle. Get up get under it get under him drive drive drive drive drive. Whoa! Okay, nice tall gift of his technique. Whoa, the technique he's a big big strong guy. Okay, so you got to get really you've got to get really low. Okay. So if Coming in you're going to get a lot lower and you got to get square over the ball if the Bulls here. Okay, if he's about to come down in the pool there you've got to be getting in there first, but make sure that make sure that you're getting everything Square. Okay. And obviously we can talk about hinging and getting them up on their toes and all sorts of other things. One thing. We need to make sure we're working on. Okay is a lot of us when we're getting to that break down to clear a finding that weird too high compared to the guides Jacqueline that ball okay, if you find or too high compared to the guy jerking the ball, it will really slow that ball down. Okay, and as a team what bald we want we want quick ball. Okay. I know that's a bit artificial in the fact that I slowed you down from getting to that rock before and we're making sure the guy can get over the ball, but more often than not someone's probably going to be there. Yeah. So we need to get low low to high. Okay and drive them out the way. Yep. One question who asked how we can not get crocodile rolled. Good. Okay, how do we not get crocodile Road? Okay. I know this isn't that this isn't that related to that we're is related, but it's not reflection on the tach now, we're focusing on the guide Jacqueline, Danny. Presentable the best way to not get Krookodile Road. Okay, if I'm coming round a lot of us were right about our heads. Okay. So as we go to the ball, we have a head up and we're sort of turning it away to make sure we don't get hit the best way to not get crocodile road is to get into this low position. Okay, you put your knee on the player to present yourself to protect yourself. You're getting that ball your heads down. You're nice and low, okay there if any comes to clear you out you'll be as soon as a rock. Okay soon as you start reaching your hands out and turn your head away. Try not to get hit this open to get smashed and roll. Okay, so you get low you get in like that. That's the best way to steal the ball. Yeah good any other questions? Okay, good. Well done, essentially a lot of icing a lot of coaches start trying to explain the whole situation. And actually if Step One is broken nothing else can happen. So I was explaining the contact area the step one is actually making the tackle and if you cannot make an effective tackle set to three and four can't happen. So step one was the tackle making an effective tackle step two was once with a Defenders made a tackle getting to their feet try to get the ball if they can get the ball. That's they want it they're in an attack. If they can't get the ball step 3, as you know driving through the ball trying to make a mess of it.