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CCRU Game - Passing Pairs

Aim of the game: In pairs, walk, jog or run around the grid, passing to their partner only when they call for the ball. Other players will be obstructing their vision and the flight of the pass, so decisions on when to pass will need to be developed

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So today this game we're going to play is called passing peers. Okay, basically, it's the skill of party. Can anyone tell me? What what what creates a good path I always can you show me? Yeah. Hey h really important. Your chest so they can capture it. Should it be hard hard pass or soft path? Yep. Cool. Okay. So we're going to get into pairs. Okay, the white shirts are going to be number one. The blue shirts are going to be number two. Okay. What I want to see when I say go you're going to run around okay evading, but also passing to your partner. I want to see how many passes you can be successful at a certain period of time. Okay, I want the number ones to keep score. Okay, then I'll ask you to score when we when I say freeze when I say freeze. I want you to stop. Okay. So what I want to see when you're moving about is a side step or a swerve. Okay, or return? Okay. Let's really challenge ourselves to see how many passes we can get. Yeah, happy with that. Okay find your partner remember that White's the number ones Okay, ready go moving around challenge yourselves. Hands up. We need a Target good work. Good work. Boys up looking for the Target communicates. And freeze what we get 39 well done. 21 not bad 23 good stuff 20 Okay, we're going to go again. So again this time I want Blues to keep the score. Okay, again, let's challenge ourselves show a Target. Who got their ready? Go? moving about show us the side step show us some movement good footwork. I want to hear some communication boys. That's better. Hands up don't pass until there's a Target. Yeah. Visit and Fries. Okay, here we come.