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Fun Tackling Games

Try these fun games for any junior team. They are a great way to introduce tackle safety whilst keeping your players entertained.

Video Subtitles

Okay. So what we're gonna do we're gonna have a group of people in the middle and the circle around them. Okay, but I know you all in Partners. So can one of the partners nobody sells one and two number ones go in the middle. Everyone's going to middle number two's make a circle around them for the people in the middle of passing the ball within yourselves and the people are most outside are gonna just Shuffle around my face and when we see change to change directions, okay, we got it. But just remember you're going to keep a distance away from them. So the people in the middle are going to turn and find their partner and Tackle them. This guy's Starship Dad Let's Go, why'd you guys come right up? Come on up. Come on Miguel. I make your Amish get around me around me wrongly change direction. Don't come in f*** off. Joseph excellent well done Joseph from me Romy round make it wider change direction Around Me Rhonda change direction Joseph Tucker. So we need five balls in the middle. One more pot. Pie 500rs go. What are you pain as is going to be on the floor facing away. So camera and go to the floor face the clubhouse over there. Okay, you stay on your feet. So somebody choose to go down and face away everybody on my first whistle. The people are on their feet are going to running. They're gonna grab a ball on my second whistle. Your partner's gonna jump up on their feet and the With boys try to score on the cone right? I'll be ready there. So one of the feet one of the floor I got quicker shot. Let's really try and some gets that canvas get lonely the tackles great after come run can do it again. Yes, great taco. Great Taco Bell's out. Well done. You guys Shawn you got Shawn. Well done. Now. We've come to the front. I'll tackle. What do you really? We need to make sure we get in place ahead. Where does it need to go on their own team? Yeah, this goes to the side what we need to do with our feet step in step in closing how many of us coffee enclose them in a really good tackle. I saw a couple of you. Yeah a lot easier when you get fit in clothes. Okay. One thing what we need to do with our arms are going to do. Okay and do we let hold on? Yeah. We we don't want to let go until they're on the floor do we really right? We can't give it. And even if they're still going to squeeze your arms together, don't let go of your arms.