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L2 - Support Line Breaks & Offloads

Skill Practice Description • The game begins with touch tackles. • Once tackled the ball carrier is allowed to step beyond the tackle line and the support from either side run toward (or attack) the ball. • The pass must be delivered behind the tackle line and not put back in front of the defence, so speed and decision making is vitally important. • Develop the game to grip tackles below the rib cage so the ball can be off loaded. • Progress to full tackles and the ball carrier must fight to keep the ball available. • The support must be aggressive in attacking the ball and getting between and beyond defenders. • When in full contact and the ball carrier cannot off load immediately, rucks and mauls may be played. Key Coaching Points • The game relies on good support play in all areas. This game illustrates the need for consistent and aggressive support. • The supporting players need to work for the ball carrier and attack the ball, getting in behind the defence for an off load. • Once the tackle line has been breached the attack must not allow the defence time to reorganise. • When progressed to full contact, the demand on decision making increases

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So we're just going to play that way at all I want to do is when we break through because it's a condition game so that we're just going to play Touch so that if I'm playing against Ed now, so I've used my face. It just got a touch me. All right, and then I'm going to go step past him and then feed to a support role should hopefully be here or hopefully there and that person then has to deliver the ball out. You can't just go through and score. We're going to try and Link. Coming through yes, and if he does then it's going to be another little of lat. Okay, anybody not clear on the rules? Okay. Anybody you're not clear on the concept what we're trying to do? Okay. So Defenders you are just touching okay, and then go slightly pass them. So we've got past it and then the lift. Okay yellows are at that end facing me, please. Okay, you play from their Pasquale, please? God Neil Farthing organization still go forward lovely and it's got to be given away. Okay. Well done Pasquale. What did he do really well to make sure he got just past the defender used his feet excellent. And then the support player read where he was going. What did I say? I need from the support player to be able to pass it straight away. So it's not just one person flooding through we get the whole team flooding through play. Good. Touch goodness gonna go. It's gonna go to church. Okay and hold it what will be good progression now to make it a little bit tougher? In terms of what the Defenders are doing. Grab, okay. So we're now going to start grabbing all the shirts and shorts and just hold the guy back a little bit, please. What is it crucial at? The ball carrier does Two hands on the ball. What's he going to do with his arms? Get em free. Okay and play Reese. Love it. Love it. Great play excellent. Okay, give it to yellows to play out. Really good feet feet feet. God's got to go. good great support Well done, good. Okay, blackballed. Okay, that's good.