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Quins - Attacking lines of support

Harlequins academy players are coached to be accurate in their passing and use lines of running and footwork to create space for other players

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Just doing some simple decision making to on one's three on twos just different feedings and just getting them into the into the idea before we complicated a little bit two on one out around the cone back in just 200 touches. Okay, you will defend you will attack to start with go. Go nice double pump. Go. Go. Nice double pump. Good go left. You're not. Good. What are we doing so far when we've come around the corner? What what have we been doing? What I'm we've been doing. We've been running straight. Communicating we are now gone taking a flat we put Pace on the ball. Definitely. Yeah. What else? What could we do better? How do we fix a Defender eye contact where else inside shoulder footwork? How much footwork have we seen? No? Okay, you take me out, you know, someone takes you on like this you think other going to try and beat me not always going to give a person a minute. Yeah, and that's what takes the emphasis away from your mate who wants the ball? Okay, you're attacking you're defending. Okay, go good. Go go. Nice told pump. Good go go. It's good. Good pay scope must Nice good. nice don't Let's try and use left and right when we can go. No, nice lips ready? Okay, just come here. Just come in. We're going to go into three on twos on the other side there where I was putting the ball on the floor what we were having to do communicate. What else adjust what in what way what did it do to you though? Naturally? Yes slowed you down. So what have you got to try and do? Sometime the support when I was the time pick up gun put Pace on it. Okay as early as you can you've got to put Pace on to it Avenue. Yeah, what else so if I get this if I get this here Defenders coming at me and I've got no Pace on the ball. What's the best way because if I'm going slowly here, I'm no real threat. How can I become more of a threat footwork? Because it's difficult putting Pace on here because he knows I've got no pay so I'm picking up I go bang bang little bit of footwork is now thinking of me not my mate, then the ball can go. All right. So if we don't have momentum in try a little bit of footwork knowing the balls going to go see how that pinzon. Okay. Alright ran this side then going the other way just take the pole out a meter that way take the pull up a meter that way if you would sorry to the 15 10 meters wide ready. You want me to lie? Okay. I know we've talked about this before two Defenders just come out. Okay, I get here. Where am I aiming? I've got the ball. Where am I aiming space every time why? Okay, and what will happen to the Defenders now they have to move in. So if I go at this space how many Defenders are interesting if I go at this space? What's the decision then if we can yeah try and get into here put doubt in both of these mines. Then I've got the options either side. Okay, I go here. What have I got to do? What's going to happen? Yeah, so I've drawing in the second man. Yeah, so what's the second manga to have? Okay happy with that. So let's think as we come around this corner and we're seeing the options. Let's think about if I'm going down this channel. This man's got a whole depth. I've got to give it a little bit earlier. Yeah, if I'm going here, I'm trying interest both them and then I'm deciding who's going to be open. All right. So let's try and see the same picture as we're coming around the corner go nice. Nice good. Positive action, we knew what we were doing go. Yeah, good late. Run. Not through choice though. We're coming around the corner into a game a bigger version of that. Basically kick out touch will have two teams will have six attackers and two Defenders to start with okay play. God God classic three Defenders one offload. Good good Pace much better there where at the end where we were recognizing and just moving the ball in space attacking the space, but if it wasn't on there not panicking.