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Advanced Passing Skills

Passing skills are a high priority for most coaches and teachers. This video features a "Grip Game" to test the offloading skills and ball control of players

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Three four five make sure you stand in the pitch good time lovely bolt on 7. All right. Good. No tank. Just going to revisit the grip game rubbing. It will version of the of the grip game. Why do we grip the ball in their hands out here? That's why do we not tuck it in here? Somebody easy to get out easier to move it? Yeah. Bend the knees were going to do if he's tucked in our chest. Okay, and do we do we hold the ball here using our forearms or do we how do we hold which on grip in here don't we were holding here is difficult to roll it off in a pass is non if an offload is known, you know, you're halfway through you're going to let that ball go. Whereas if you grip it in the mix of hand fingers on the ball. You can always recall that ball in if the passes and Annika decision making my eyes Okay, so rules that we've all got bored and we'll start with our dominant hand free. So right hand for most of us free. Okay this ball here handle. We're going to move it around any way you like it. Okay overhead pass you can bounce pass it but we're trying to get to as many passes as we possibly can within our teams. There's one two three good folks know. Okay, green ball. Just hold their sect chaps how ideally boys my looking for you to catch this ball this handle in your mix. Okay possible to me. I'm not looking for any of this trying to balance it on your hand. Okay. This is why we're doing the grip what we're really looking to get their fingers on it so we can then move it straight away. Good Lovely Sam good that's better tsubasa's why do we grip the ball in the hand using their fingers instead of attacking it under the arm, etcetera and luckily the guys knew the answers, you know, if you're looking to offload a ball in a game you don't it tucked under here. You want it in your hands, you can offload it anytime and also the defense don't know what you're going to do. If you've got that ball in your hands in one hand you could offload at any time you could make a pass etcetera. If you've got it tapped then then I know you're not going to be able to get the ball away. So that's why we look to keep the ball in there mix. So we're able to offload and make good decisions with all bounce their K12. You can bounce pass it chaps. Somebody's got to pick it up off of offer one bounce four five six. That's okay. There's seven. Nice. Good join. Keep it away from your chest Tom 9 what you're doing now, just the last 60 seconds was when you catch the ball. You've got to juggle it. Okay, you got to switch the balls. I don't mind if you use your chest a little bit. Okay, but you got to keep all that ball. So you gotta find it find a little bit of spice. I don't want you stepping out change the ball around and then move it. Okay, there is a contest Paco won Good Sam to could pick out like a green ball. That's what we're doing is Silas. Yes changeover changeover lovely three Quick Change Big John for Quick Change lovely and move it. There's five in the thing about coaching is that you can always get better at catching and everything you learn you've got to find a way to put it into your system that you can make it effective and I start matchups so you don't knock out their hands. No not once the GI bill in there. Grab a juice fellas any questions on that they were happy good. We're trying to develop these players and you know, we've got two or three years to give them the best chance of gaining full time Academy contracts when they get hit under 1819. So therefore we recognize that okay, the skill level maybe of wanted to place isn't at the minute work needs to be that that's our job as coaches to you know, you can see Warren's in behind you now working with some of the guys that didn't you didn't perform so well in the handling drills today and just doing those extras and being as positive as we can in a reinforcing reinforcing the point that we want to get across but in a in a positive way. almost