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Mini age groups - Passing Skills

This clip provides some simple guidelines on coaching catch & pass for young players. The coach progresses to a conditioned game to help the learning process

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Acosta and the 10th and 11th the basic outline that is just trying to get there call Core skills up to scratch and maybe develop their skills and already got and look at their game awareness and game understanding looking for the spaces and how we can beat the defender go. Go okay professional I put pressure on. Okay, what do you reckon? We could have done a lot better there guys. Yes, I communication is key tell you just comes down there. Okay. So our communication is going to be a lot better. Why? Okay, what other thing that we've got attacked like though, we've got attacked with what why it's actively pace. It's hard to stop. Let's go. Let's go as you can see good parts how he just good George. What could you do a little bit better than just saying yes to write and flatter deep. Yes deep okay experiment with how you're going to beat the defender now. Okay one go. Hi space space a little bit better though. Yeah, we need to communicate with him a lot more. It's really important when we communicate. Okay, so we know where the ball code to make his job a lot easier. I guess he knows where where we are. Okay. So it looks like we're in the a nice bat-line. We've got back line set up pull the back of it attacking a paste on the fender symbol to form one and we're going from dip and then if it was cool to try we've got loads of depth here. We've got various options. We do a scissor and Luke or just simple hands. Okay, but without without a communication, it doesn't work the more communication you have in the and the tackle Pages the easier it will make the job easy of the attacker to beat that Defender attack attack. You're mine. That's the best one so far good. So what we've been practicing we'll just put into again. Basically the game is to touch got to talk fast. So person has to be actually 2 hours not what hand does make it more realistic on the tackle. It's just a basic condition game touch game. So you can condition any sort of Touch Dental the benefit of the session. So the benefit of this session is to touch sent the ball long ways to defend this down to create space elsewhere and look at a decision making them where to attack those spaces. So the new rule on this game is running two Defenders down. It's one Defender down which makes the decision maker and lot more harder and they've got recognize where to attack the space as there's anyone defended down well and just to the tacky just tuck it. Did Hans good Hans? So is that to that one down one down? Could move the ball down realign the score. 100 100 but I went backwards touch touch get upset. The ball one. Defender doesn't hold hold. That's better. Good now on this now, we've conditioned it a little bit more get a little bit frantic and wasn't getting the results that you wanted. So we just changed it a little bit. So the nine now doesn't hold until he says here's a cool from the 10 or first receiver say he's ready to catch the ball on that. It gives us a chance to be a real line. We we can attack from death and at the speed toaster toaster good one Defender down was of course. Thursday good pass and we scored there we go Zoom your to breakdowns. We move the ball. This course was sucked into this at two Defenders and straight away my time at narrow bit. There's some really good stuff there. Okay, we improving slightly which is what we want as a success. Okay, because it's not all kinds of blind doesn't mean we're not succeeding little bits that my says. Okay, so where we succeeded? What am I to do? What onto the bull was Holly? Yeah, boy. What else are we done really? Well what sort of decision making skills we've got to use in that if you don't go in there. Yeah. Yeah, what else? Well, what happened just on here between George and Harry will you to Dusty? One chose and so it was to attack as much as what having Defenders. Okay. Is that skill? Yeah. Okay. So what we've been practicing we'll just put into again. That's a success. Okay. That's what we build games are the success.